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Techne Spectrophotometer Model 6320D

Techne Spectrophotometer Model 6320D

You are in : ALL > Fine Chemicals > Section T ALL > BD > BBL DIFCO > Dehydrated Microbiology Media > Section T ALL > Laboratory Equipment > Spectrophotometers

Techne Spectrophotometer
This Techne Spectrophotometer is a high-quality, economical measurement system for routine analysis in QC application, education, and training. Techne Spectrophotometer simple operating procedures ensure quick and reliable operation even by inexperienced users. Techne Spectrophotometer specially-designed LCD and easy-to-use keypad provide access to an extensive array of functions. Press the up or down arrow keys to increase or decrease the displayed wavelength. Use the right or left arrow keys to select absorbance, %T, or concentration readout from the simple menu bar. Concentration measurements can be calibrated by using a known standard or by adjusting the displayed factor. Techne Spectrophotometer unit of measurement can be selected to display and print alongside the results to ensure clear and efficient reporting. Techne Spectrophotometer enhances productivity by automatically returning to the last used setting when the unit is switched back on, allowing work to start immediately in many cases. The large sample compartment enables a wide range of optional sampling devices to be fitted. Techne Spectrophotometer light source is a pre-aligned, long-life tungsten halogen lamp.
Techne Spectrophotometer Model 6320D      
Electrical Techne No. Unit Price
Techne Spectrophotometer 110V 632 521 Each $1,753.00
Techne Spectrophotometer 230V 632 501 Each $1,753.00
Techne Spectrophotometer Dust Cover 630-028 Each $30.81
Techne Spectrophotometer Sipper Pump, 110V/117V 632-031 Each $1,307.50
Techne Spectrophotometer Visible Calibration Set 035-088 Each $1,830.50
Cell Holders      
Techne Spectrophotometer Four-Position 634-001 Each $666.50
Techne Spectrophotometer 10–100 mm Adjustable Pathlength 630-005 Each $188.12
Visible Glass Cuvettes, 334–2500 nm      
Techne Spectrophotometer 10 x 10 mm, 3–4.5 mL 035-027 Each $59.53
Techne Spectrophotometer 20 x 10 mm, 7 mL 035-086 Each $69.08
Techne Spectrophotometer 40 x 10 mm, 12–18 mL 035-029 Each $78.65
Techne Spectrophotometer 50 x 10 mm, 17.5 mL 035-087 Each $142.42
Techne Spectrophotometer 100 x 10 mm, 35 mL 035-079 Each $220.04
Visible Plastic Cuvettes, 340–900 nm      
Techne Spectrophotometer 10 x 10 mm, 1.5–3 mL, Semi Micro 060-087 Each (1 ML) $44.64
Techne Spectrophotometer 10 x 10 mm, 2.4–4.5 mL 060-084 Each (3 ML) $44.64
Techne Spectrophotometer 10 x 10 mm, 2.4–4.5 mL 060-229 Each $132.87
Test Tube Blocks      
Techne Spectrophotometer Test Tube Blocks for 13 mm dia. Tubes 630-020 Each $210.44
Techne Spectrophotometer Test Tube Block for 16 mm dia. Tubes 630-022 Each $210.44
Techne Spectrophotometer Test Tube Blocks for 25 mm dia. Tubes 630-021 Each $210.44
Wavelength, Range:320–1000 nm
Resolution:1 nm
Accuracy:±2 nm
Bandwidth:8 nm
Absorbance, Range:–0.300 to 1.999 A
Resolution:0.001 A
Transmittance, Range:  0–199.9%
Photometric Accuracy:±1%
Concentration, Range:–300 to 1999 units
Resolution:0.1–1 units
Units:blank, ppm, mg/L, g/L, M, %
Dimensions:26.2W x 19.3D x 11.4H (101/4 x 75/8 x 41/2")
Weight:5.9 kg (13 lbs.)

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